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ECOREPLAST LDT„ was established in 2009. with a lot of ambition and a strong enterprising spirit .

our business is buying, recycling and production of polyethylene and polyethylene products (, , HDPE LDPE LLDPE , etc.) for which we have the certificate of quality TÜF Rheinland- German.

We have two production facilities located in :

  • Kapatovo - base for storage, recycling and production of high-quality PE-granulate/1100kg output per hour/ .

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  • Sandanski -base for the production of plastic products with a wide variety of colors and sizes, such as foils, bags, bags on roll, bags on roll-flavored with a link and a-type bags, vest products found wide application on the market .

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Our idea is to offer the European market with high-quality services of optimal prices. Our sole purpose is to satisfy the demands and expectations of each of our clients with quality and professionalism.

And so for years already successfully working at home and in the European market (in Greece, Germany, Austria, etc.)


Mistral_septembre_2017_bio-copie From the beginning of 2018 introduced a new system are optical sorting Pellenc ST optical machines for sorting of household and industrial waste. The technologies used for sorting these materials are close to infrared (NIR), medium infrared, visual and induction technologies. Thanks to Pellenc ST, sorting solutions are very valuable in the recycling industry. The company is actively developing new sorting solutions for single stream recycling. Known references in more than 40 countries around the world have installed Pellenc ST machines



We have the state-of-the-art laser filter system of one of the leaders in the processor

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 EREMA Laserfilter is a high-performance filtration system. Innovative scraper technology enables the highest throughput, while maintaining an impressive melt quality. It specializes in high melting rates when film granules are required - and for tasks that can not be solved with conventional melting filters.

Thanks to the design and exhaust system of the scraper, the filtered pollutants are removed even faster and deeper. The maximum cleaning efficiency, the highest degree of separation and increased compaction are a direct result. And: the screen life is significantly increased.



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